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Therapeutic applications: Replacement therapy for male hypogonadism, for conditional endocrine impotence and some disorders of spermatogenesis, osteoporosis caused by androgen deprivation.

Description: This is a relatively new anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is coupled with a single Methyltestosterone oral formulation containing the active form of testosterone. Classic testosterone, administered by mouth, usually is immediately inactivated by the liver. Testosterone undecanoate lives resorbed lymphatic system, thus bypassing the liver preserving their vigorousness. Aromatizes only a minimal amount, especially those that use anabolic consumers who are less tolerant of classic testosterone, but also those who are preparing for the contest (reportedly has a very short detection time). Another advantage is testosterone undecanoate and that affects the body's own natural production of testosterone, perhaps only at excessively high doses and longer abuse. Indicate the significant progress seen in strength and muscle recruitment, which means this can cause either alone, but most often in combination with other anabolic-androgenic agents.

Anabolic consumers familiar but also its drawbacks. Is first and foremost need to administer high a daily dose in order to reproduce the desired results. This fact is explained mostly short-lived, as testosterone undecanoate is rapidly degraded and excreted from the body in urine. This is sometimes supported by the claim that this means the use of those athletes who expect the possibility of being subjected to doping control.

Abused benefits: The available information indicates that in order to reproduce the desired results (ie, increase strength and mass), doping consumers frequently abused 120-280 mg daily means, divided into three doses. It is argued that it is best taken after meals to increase absorption. In the foreign literature it is often mentioned in combination with oxandrolone, nandrolone decanoate and phenylpropionate and, stanozolol, or with highly toxic anabolic-androgenic steroids (eg, oxymetholone), which reportedly produces massive muscle gains.

Form: Capsules containing 40 mg.