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Therapeutic applications: Complete deficiency, or reduced production of testicular androgens, aplastic anemia, morbid conditions requiring support body protein anabolism (pituitary Nanism, Cushing's syndrome), severe postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, some cases of metastatic cancer, mammary glands, bone and lung metastases etc.

Description: This is a testosterone ester with significantly lower duration effect, as for example when testosterone enanthate and cypionate - reported only one to two days of action. Doping consumers say that compared to the longer time acting testosterone esters it is at a very rapid onset of effects that are manifested after two days significantly stronger effect of the pump, increase training power, strength, and increased appetite. Moreover, does not cause significant water retention.
Adverse effects of the abuse of testosterone propionate are significantly lower and less frequent than with depot testosterone forms, but for long term administration, or the abuse of high doses there is still the risk of a massive acne, hair loss, increased body hair, deepening of the voice. The risk of gynecomastia, yet easy to aromatisation agent is reported to a minimum, as well as its toxic effect on liver.

Abused benefits: The available information indicates that there are again several possibilities doping abuse consumers. Either combined with depot testosterone esters (enanthate, cypionate) at the beginning of the cycle, which guarantees immediate effect until the onset of action of depot forms, or abuse throughout the cycle in conjunction with other anabolic-androgenic agents. The most frequently mentioned as a means of oxymetholone, methandienone, stanozolol, oxandrolone, as well as injectable forms, especially in preparation for the competition. No matter what type of abuse it is, mentions the dose range 25-100 mg every other day.
I met with the information that some athletes use strength application of high doses of testosterone propionate day before the competition. Testosterone propionate is often misused as well as bridging material between competition and completed the training period, during which the abused drug tests easily identifiable anabolic-androgenic steroids. When given the appropriate dose and if propionate planted well before the date of a possible doping control, reportedly crossing the border risk ratio of testosterone / epitestosterone was minimal.

Form: Injection ampoules containing 5-100 mg.