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Therapeutic applications: Breast cancer therapy in advanced postmenopausal women with hormone-dependent tumors, including post-operative conditions.

Description: In the beginning of the book I mentioned that doping sinners (and not just be bodybuilders) are trying to eliminate the adverse effects that may erupt after used anabolic-androgenic steroids zaromatizuj├║. The result flavoring is abnormally high estrogen levels. The mammary glands of both men and women, there is a large number of estrogen receptors that respond to elevated levels of estrogen, such as proliferation of breasts - gynaecomastia. In addition, there are also a further manifestation of feminization, such as storage of fat in the hips that certainly for men, proud of their muscles, is not nothing nice. Antiestrogen tamoxifen citrate blocks the estrogen receptors under body tissue and prevents connection with estrogen receptors. It is clear that prevent aromatization of anabolic-androgenic steroids (like so many sinners Doping think), but its properties are only trying to eliminate wrong that could arise just due to aromatization. It is therefore a high probability that after stopping tamoxifen citrate estrogen levels remain high given the chance to express themselves. Many Doping sinners and therefore combines the facility still means with mesterolone.

Maybe you are asking the question about when tamoxifen citrate abused. In the available literature, his name is mentioned in one place, with massive resources administration methandienone, and oxymetholone practically all means for the testosterone. The body literally supercharged by a variety of means, but does not respond to tamoxifen citrate always clear. Materials are known, which is featured strong increase estrogen levels caused by just using this agent. And that was not enough bad news, I have another one - also admits the possibility of weakening the anabolic effect of the application of tamoxifen citrate for some types of anabolic-androgenic steroid with low androgenic effect.
Tamoxifen citrate side effects at low doses are not mentioned, at higher doses (above 30 mg) are reported problems with the stomach and vomiting, general lethargy and dizziness and visual disturbances dangerously strong. Finally you note - gynecomastia, if it is developed, is usually no cure and the only way to get rid of it is the operative procedure.

Abused benefits: The international literature there again some information about the possibility of abuse - the cycle after 4 weeks from the beginning of the cycle length in 2-3 weeks, or the same length at the end of the cycle. Daily doses in the range of 10-30 mg per day.

Form: Tablets containing 10-40 mg.