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In order for steroids to work, must be contained and treated the cells. Anabolic steroid after transgressions membrane bound in the cell cytosol to a specific receptor, which is made up of protein. After activation complex hormone receptor is translocated complex in the nucleus, where it binds to the appropriate location chromatin and consequently there may be protein synthesis. Receptors have the ability to recognize AS, thus can bind steroid molecule and thus allow cells to process AS.

Under normal conditions, the receptors in skeletal muscle saturated molecules naturally produced testosterone. And why are "normal conditions" AS compounds only a minor effect on the growth and development of muscle strength. However, exercise increases the number of unsaturated receptors. It also increases the body's ability to process AS, which also increases the effects of steroids at all. Steroid User must add heavy workout with a quality diet, or significant progress is achieved.

Women have more unsaturated receptors because they have lower levels of naturally produced testosterone. Therefore, they are also more susceptible to AS.

Regardless of the amount of training is the point where they are no longer all receptors in skeletal muscle saturated. If you've reached this point, further increase in benefits will never not bring the desired results. Unfortunately, these higher doses then saturates receptors in other parts of the body (prostate, heart, testes, ...). It is the excess of such receptors, which cause different (malicious) AS physiological effect.

Testosterone is a naturally produced steroid, ie anabolic hormone forming tissue. Conversely, catabolic hormone cortisol is "destroying" the tissue. These two hormones continuously maintain tissue growth control. If the brain is found to be necessary tissue growth, start to increase the production of testosterone and decrease the production of cortisol. However, this process also works in reverse.

Steroids are the actors of strong muscle growth because they increase support two effective ways. AS matter of fact increase the rate of creation of new muscle cells and to block the effects of cortisol. Muscle cells contain receptors that are able to absorb molecules of different forms. AS and cortisol molecules are similar in form, so can take both AS receptors as well as cortisol. Hormone used to its effects, it must first get into the receptor. If any steroids used, the quantity of anabolic hormones circulating in the blood stream much greater than that of catabolic hormones and thus most receptors which they can be equipped with these hormones is already filled with molecules that have anabolic effects. Thus anabolic catabolic molecules will not allow access to the receptors and thereby increases the production of new muscle cells. This effect then exceeds the natural regulation of muscle growth.

But the whole thing is a catch!

The body continues to produce catabolic molecules, mostly in the form of cortisol. Cortisol levels are increasing because the molecules can not be processed at receptors that are already filled with molecules of AS. Levels of anabolic and catabolic molecules in the blood that balance. When releasing the receptor is the same then chances are once again filled anabolic or catabolic molecule. Finally receptors will contain half the anabolic and catabolic half molecules. At this point it is impossible to further muscle growth - has been achieved so plateau.

Bodybuilder whose growth has stopped, then it may decide to increase the dose of steroids so broke increasing cortisol levels in the blood. Unfortunately, this version offers only a temporary solution. This is because the additional salary is coming soon, and then a further increase in dose becomes absurd.

Some bodybuilders therefore decided not to risk their health by increasing doses and opt for immediate discontinuation. But the sudden interruption of the "shock therapy" should never commit! This fact leads to a crash when the catabolic molecules far beyond anabolic molecules. The bulk of the receptor molecule catabolic fill in a very short time it lost a significant amount of muscle.

Cortisol levels can be controlled using a pyramid scheme dosage. This system allows you to gain weight and also keep it real that you can balance the catabolic and anabolic processes in the body.