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Therapeutic application: Men - with proven androgen supplementation deficit of endogenous production, women - mastodynia, postmenopausal osteoporosis, inoperable metastatic breast cancer.

Description: This is an effective oral form of testosterone. As is known, a single oral administration of testosterone in the liver varies largely inactive ingredient and the blood gets to the active form only 5-10% of the administered activity. Methyltestosterone works very shortly after, so frequently mentioned forms of abuse just before exercise (training, competition) serving to go-go consumer doping for higher performance. They documented abuse weightlifters, throwers and American football players.
In bodybuilding, it is used mainly in the bulk preparation. The result is abuse of power increase and weight gain caused by the massive accumulation of water. Where it is used alone, after withdrawal there is a rapid return to the side. The available literature is also mentioned abuse in preparation for the competition, where low-energy diet often results in only modest training deployment. Methyltestosterone tend to misuse these states reportedly very rare.
The composition is characterized by a whole range of side effects - from hepatotoxicity through significant fluid and salt retention and the associated high blood pressure to headaches and acne. Known as the data become uncontrollable rage caused by just such means.

Abused benefits: Because of the high toxicity means that specified by the boundary term of abuse are 4 weeks. In the available literature, or in the case of doping sinners who confess to megadávok application of anabolic-androgenic steroids, I met with more than a dose of 25-50 mg per day.

Form: Tablets, coated tablets and sublingual form containing 1-25 mg.