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Androviron, Dapoder, Gavrol-in, Mesteranum, Mestoranum, Proviron, Sten-or., Testiwop, Vistimon, ...

Therapeutic application: For male hypogonadism caused by insufficient production of testosterone, medical conditions requiring support body protein anabolism, male osteoporosis.

Description: This is an androgenic agent, which many are taking Doping sinners because of its potentially powerful anti-estrogenic properties. Unlike tamoxifen citrate, which only blocks the estrogen receptors, mesterolone reportedly prevents aromatization directly and strongly inhibits the formation of oestrogens alone. Recently, however, indicates abuse as a means to gain muscle mass despite relatively low anabolic effect. According to foreign materials resulting from misuse of the facility is improved muscle hardness, density and vydefinovanosť, which is especially noticeable in preparation for the competition.
The side effects are reported as allegedly too weak - even with several weeiks dosing. Low doses are not expected or negative effects on the liver or kidneys. I do not know if it deemed undesirable side effects, but due to the therapeutic effect is often mentioned doping sinners long relentless penis erection only with painful symptoms.

Abused benefits: Probably due to the very effective anti-estrogenic effect, I never met with abused daily dose exceeding 25-50 mg. Very often, however, the combination of the resources mentioned testolactone and tamoxifen citrate. I met, however, with the statement that where required for muscle growth and daily dosage reached 100 mg.

Form: Tablets containing 10 mg, 20 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg.