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Therapeutic application: Women - ovulation induction in anovulatory caused INTERFILT, substitution of pituitary luteinizing hormone, men - in childhood cryptorchidism in adult pituitary luteinizing hormone substitution in its lack of congenital or acquired (eg after pituitary surgeries).

Description: There is no anabolic-androgenic steroid but a protein hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women. The reason why doping sinners interested in this tool is that it can support the natural production of testosterone, which influence the use of anabolic steroids than normal often drops sharply. If HCG is not applied, doping consumer (and not just one that is gambling with your health so much that does not hesitate to literally take megadoses of anabolic steroids and a very long time) is emerging after the critical phase of the cycle, which is marked by a sharp decrease in strength and often even steeper weight loss. It is reported that this state lasts as long as the natural production of testosterone reaches its normal level. For those who have come and minimal experience with the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids, or what you read about their side effects, certainly is not new information that these agents reduce their interest in sex. For partner doping sinners is indeed Lent. HCG causes, however, mentioned that all these phenomena are minimized. Many of doping sinners despite the known effect of HCG emphasize the necessity of ending a steroid cycle gradually reduce the dose. Only then is alleged HCG really effective because it supports the body's own testosterone production, yet it takes some time for the body to function again come into its original form (if in fact it ever get).
For all media abused (and HCG is no exception), there is a risk of adverse side effects - feminization characters as gynecomastia and storage of fat in the hips, severe acne, or even morning sickness. The pharmacopoeias you may encounter with information about severe pain at the injection site, and allergic reactions - from skin to severe anaphylactoid reactions character, which in the case of late or incorrectly administered first aid there is a risk of death.

The abused benefits: There is information about the HCG is applied in two ways - over the cycle, which misused anabolic androgenic steroids (to prevent it from testicular atrophy), or following completion of a first-rate restoration of natural testosterone production. The question of the "right" effective dose is vykrištalizovaná. In the available literature, which includes testimony doping sinners experienced abuse at HCG, are given single doses of 2000-5000 IU applied every 5 days for 2-3 weeks. Often mentioned is the combination of agent clenbuterol hydrochloride and clomifene citrate.
If you raise the question of who belongs to the group of potential "exploitation" HCG, so are all those who do not hesitate to take anabolic-androgenic steroids long term, or those who abuse them in large doses. It is recognized the potential for abuse in the so-called. overarching term that arises from the failure of anabolic-androgenic steroids for a period of competitions where there is a real possibility the alleged doping control without the risk of breaking the boundary ratio testosterone / epitestosterone.

Form: Injection vial containing the dried substrate including 100-20000.