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After the publication of the article on muscle definition I got from several readers questions concerning substances used in drawing period, especially those "forbidden". Most of it was ephedrine, clenbuterol and thyroid hormones (T3, T4), also found no one who was interested in DNP, because it wants to include in your diet supplementation. So I decided to publish the following article page taken from the site Biomag and add some links. So here is the article (quotation marks):
"Today we look at some of the substances that can help you get rid of excess fat. Do not look for them in sports stores, because neither one of them in our country is not allowed and they are all either prescription drugs or substances that would a normal person (IQ> 2) ever made.
Probably disappoint you when I say that the elimination of fat (lipolysis) in the food you take in fewer calories than your body uses. Traditionally, this state is reached by reducing the energy value of food intake, either by changing the food less abundant energy (such as limiting dietary fat), or by reducing the amount of food intake. Another option is to increase the energy requirements of the body. This can be achieved either aerobic exercise or the use of substances accelerating metabolism. And it is for such substances this article. "


"Ephedrine is probably the best known substance for fat loss. In China it is used for at least 2000 years, and its source is a plant Ma Huang. Ephedrine is an alkaloid with thermogenic (heat) and anorectic (appetite potláčajúcimi) effects. Ephedrine is used to treat such as asthma and bronchitis. Ephedrine is not active in fat cells directly but indirectly. After taking the body eliminate noradrenaline and adrenaline. Noradrenaline binds to the alpha and beta receptors on fat and muscle cells. Whereas alpha receptors fall and beta receptors increase lipolysis, the overall effect is then determined by the ratio of the alpha and beta receptors in the adipose tissue. This ratio is different for different body parts and sex. Women have the least favorable ratio of the hips, thighs and buttocks, men in the abdomen and hips. Therefore, in these areas hardly fat removed.

In muscle tissue causes noradrenaline anabolic response. This is very significant because the half-life of ephedrine is only 3-5 hours, but helps to maintain muscle mass during a diet and it is important for us. Shows that the following study. 14 obese women kept the diet for 8 weeks. One group received 3 times daily ephedrine and caffeine, and one placebo. The total weight loss was about the same in both groups, but the group taking ephedrine and caffeine lost weight by 4.5 kg more fat and 2.8 kg less muscle mass.
I do not know of anyone who would use ephedrine alone. Always takes at least with caffeine or with aspirin. Caffeine itself promotes fat loss, accelerates metabolism and has been shown theoretically that significantly increases the effect of ephedrine, although at the same time reduces the effect by reducing the body temperature. In studies obese mice it was found that a combination of aspirin + ephedrine, almost double the efficiency Relative to ephedrine. In the case of humans, however, this effect is not so pronounced and is expressed only in obese humans.

Usually taken 3 times a day 20 mg ephedrine, caffeine 200 mg and 300 mg aspirin. The aspirin can feel left out. We can not buy ephedra legally, in some countries, however, can normally buy at a pharmacy or trade in sports nutrition. Receive either caffeine along with aspirin at a pharmacy called ACYLCOFFIN (not buy one today, but the quality and cost-effective product caffeine can now buy Hungarian tablette caffeine Caffeine (product code 134), which contains 100 mg of pure caffeine in one pill. Aspirin is the same as aspirin, herbal substitute is sold under the name Willow`s bark.

Support for burning fat is not the only effect of ephedrine. The most common side effects include insomnia, nervousness, loss of appetite. Dangerous is mainly palpitations and high blood pressure. People predisposed to such problems should be definitely consult a doctor. Caffeine often causes stomach problems. I personally used to it very badly. Generally after 1 to 2 weeks to get used to and resolve problems.

Ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin I was taking and I was always happy with it. Reduces the loss of muscle mass during diétovania and accelerates the process of fat loss. "

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"Clenbuterol is used to treat bronchospasm - bronchospasm. It has a similar effect as ephedrine, but acts directly on the beta receptors. Since affect alpha receptors, its effect is much stronger than the effect of ephedrine. On the other hand results in rapid desensitization of beta-2 receptors and approximately 2 weeks expire. Then it is customary to increase the dose, but it only further accelerate the desensitization of beta receptors. Clenbuterol is therefore suitable for short-term treatment, mainly for removing the last remaining fat.

Used is usually 3 times daily, 0.02 mg to 0.05 mg. Initially, it is appropriate to start with smaller doses and gradually revise the specified value. Will limit the side effects of the substance. Because of the long lifetime of the human body clenbuterol used Cycle 1/1 (1 day and giving one day rest period) or 2/2 (2 days to give 2 days and break). Our pharmacies are sold under the name clenbutherol Spiropent and is prescription only.
Side effects are most palpitations, hand tremors and muscle spasms. These usually after a few days of use disappear. However, there may be other problems such as dizziness, nausea, headache, restlessness, abnormal heart rhythm. Clenbuterol should not be used by people with overactive thyroid, accelerated heart activity and heart rhythm disorders.
Clenbuterol has strong anabolic effects in animals. You may have heard about Chinese pigs who discovered the excess concentration. Farmers this substance often used to increase the weight of farmed animals. The man reportedly clenbuterol has anabolic effects. It is only the theoretical hypothesis, based on a lower number of specific receptors in the human body compared to animals. Assess anabolic clenbuterol practical measurements is not possible due to the huge difference between the benefits to be applied in animals (4 mg / kg) to the people (0.04 mg / day).
Clenbutherol is therefore a very powerful tool for getting rid of fat if we are running out of time. It is effective for about two weeks and the results are clearly visible after a few days. In addition, after you use a lot of energy and a feeling that you can more than usual. I personally train with clenbuterol much better than without it. In practice, the better I can concentrate and get to the finish working fairly unpopular and difficult exercises with maximum dedication. I had enough problems with cramps, but it is necessary to just drink lots of water and take multivitamin pills. "


"DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) is a chemical with a variety of applications. DNP already in 1900 detonators used in the TNT ignition. In 1931 Stanford University study showed that it has incredible potential to cause weight loss, so the DNP become the basis of many products for weight loss. Two years later it was banned because of serious risks associated with its use.
Unlike ephedrine and clenbutherol that cause about 3% faster metabolism DNP effect is incredible. This material provides up to 50% increase in basal metabolic rate (BMR basal metabolic rate). DNP has anorexic effects, that reduce appetite. On the contrary, they are often seen bouts of gluttony, especially the need for carbohydrates. DNP affects the process of ATP, the energy source for muscle work. If it is present in the body DNP, reactions that result in the normal state of ATP, producing only heat as DNP prevents the formation of ATP. Resulted in an increase in body temperature usually by 1 to 1.5 ° C Heat is secreted by the entire surface of the body and especially the head.

BUT ...

Super potential for fat loss is probably the strongest collection of balanced risks and side effects of what I've heard so far.

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- Increase in body temperature is not limited in any way from the top. In overdose, top inside, because there is no body in the protective mechanism against the effects of DNP. Ingestion of 4-to 6-fold dose is lethal. Below overdose can damage the brain and other organs.

- It is assumed that DNP may have carcinogenic effects, that can promote cancer. Moreover, when fast fat oxidation liberates free radicals, and many substances that can also be potentially dangerous.

- Since all the heat generated must somehow get out of the body, so there is a strong sweat even in winter.

- Like other products for weight loss, and insomnia caused by DNP.

-Low levels of ATP, caused by using DNP, causes muscle pain. Is recommended training on 15 or more repetitions of a single sequence, which would alleviate the pain.

DNP has one interesting feature. From just yet unidentified reasons occurring after treatment for about 3 kg gain muscle mass without the use of some other products. DNP is currently the most powerful weapon in the fight against subcutaneous fat. Because of the huge risks associated with the use of this substance DNP definitely not recommend. Think of this part as an informative article and you wait until scientists invent something that will have a similar effect, but not dangerous.