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Tesamorelin - 2mg

1 vial/2mg + 2ml solvent

Product name: Tesamorelin - 2mg

Substance: Peptide

Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO (GERMANY)

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Tesamorelin (TH9507) - 2 mg

Tesamorelin (TH9507) - potent growth hormone releasing factor (GRF, Germany) and supporting metabolism. This peptide increases the rate of hgh production and significantly improves especially the metabolism and nutrient transport. Thanks Tesamorelinu can quickly reduce levels of body fat around the waist, just make more effective use of energy in the body, stimulate the rapid addition of ATP in the muscle, and generally improve the lipid profile and shape of your body. The main and most common use is in the treatment Tesamorelinu metabolic diseases and disorders, and degradation of fat accumulated in the waist and abdomen.

Tesamorelin inhibits the growth and development of infection in HIV-positive patients. Also used for treating humans with lipodystrophy (condition in which body fat stores are poorly distributed and massively accumulated in one location / area of the body) or in the treatment of similar diseases and serious metabolic disorders. Tesamorelin simultaneously prevents further accumulation of fat, particularly in the abdomen and the abdominal cavity.
The main effects of the peptide Tesamorelin:

Tesamorelin effectively breaks down fat accumulation in the waist and abdominal cavity and prevents the re-accumulation
Tesamorelin excellent streamlines metabolism, nutrient transport and use of energy in the body
Tesamorelin is the best drug for metabolic diseases and disorders
Tesamorelin improves memory and ability to learn, supports brain function
Tesamorelin causes improvement in mental alertness and activity, and cognitive skills (eg. The results achieved in training)
Tesamorelin strengthens and heals the nervous system

Recommended usage is Tesamorelinu 150-300 mcg 3 times a day at evenly spaced apart doses to be administered subcutaneously (sc) into the abdomen (the best in the area below the navel, or where there is an accumulation of fat thickest).

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