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1ml U-100 BD Micro - Fine™ Plus

1 PC - 0,33mm (29G) x 12,7mm

Price for one piece of 1ml U-100 BD Micro - Fine™ Plus - 0,33mm (29G) x 12,7mm - INSULIN SYRINGE.

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BD Micro - Fine Plus ™ insulin syringe with needle sealed volume of 1 ml U-100, 29G x 12.7 mm. Length of needle is 12.7 mm. Integrated needle with an optimal shape for maximum comfort and reliability, and are made of the best stainless steel. Intended for single use only.

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for hgh

I used for hgh.

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    Price for one piece of HYPODERMIC needles for single use: 0.5 X 25 C.18, 25G x 1" - Orange 1 PC by Chirana- Injecta a.s

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