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Important note: We change some terms in Shipping Rules

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SOME TECHNICAL PROBLEMS ON THE SHOP WILL BE FIXED SOON (product links at the end are not working now), YOU CAN ORDER PRODUCTS VIA ,,ADD CART,, BUTTON on Categories list (Registered users only) OR VIA EMAIL ( OR BUY PRODUCTS ON OUR SECOND E-SHOP


Note: ALL ORDERS WITH TAMOXIFEN WILL BE SEND ASAP! Manufacturers have problems with substance because its oncologic drug and priority is pharmacies and hospitals during pandemic situation.

Pharmacy grade products are not available during pandemic situation.

We apologize If have some items changed in your order. But we change items only to the same or better quality products and brands. We guarantee your satisfaction and money back If you are not!

If some items missing in your order we know about it (sometimes suppliers have delay or is out of stock in preparing day orders) we send your missing items ASAP usually in next week. Please be patient.

(please read all informations below)



Again and again the same problem! We NEVER owned shops with names ending .com .org ... (for example:,,, roids4you, steroids4you,, steroidshop4u and more...) these sites use our good name and the same or similar logo for their own business, but THIS IS NOT OUR BUSINESS. Looks very similar like our name and use our logo but We are not the same company owners !!! If you bought from these sites, please don't write to us where your orders are. A lot of from you write to us and give us a bad reviews.

Scam shops use:  similar or same name, similar or same logo, poor web design, poor informations, low prices of products (products have low prices for profit, their profit is if they send you nothing).

We owned only and

Second problem with fake reviews is when competing sites put bad reviews! How is this poor! We don't need "Sites with reviews" to know how best we are. 5 stars for us is If our real customers are satisfied and we do for you all the best.

Please be careful and buy products only from trusted shops!

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) attention:

In these difficult times we are still in the work and online. Our staff use strictly all hygienic and protection (disinfection, respirators ffp3-4) when your order is wrapped. 

In the country of dispatch of your order, a state of emergency has been declared and the borders in Europe are closing therefore it is possible to delay delivery your order and special products from the original pharmacy do not have to be sent because priority is import these products to hospitals. 

We ask you to be patient. If you have any questions contacts us our customer service is here for you non-stop.

We thank you for your trust and — while awaiting the return to a normal situation — take good care of yourself and your surroundings.

Of course We recommend the initiative ,,Stay home,, It is really important to hear your state health government recommendations.

Be patient. Be strong. Be in quarantine and self isolation If you have virus symptoms.

Best wishes & Stay healthy, Team

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Dear Members, Customers and Our Friends,

Please read all informations, Privacy notice, Terms and Conditions and Shipping Rules! before you make an order and read and follow all instructions in sent email after checkout !! All payment informations are only for request! We don't send payment informations automatically, only If you want your order really. We don't send payment informations to fake customers and orders!

Important notice:

1. Swiss Remedies end production and is changed to the NEW! Premium high quality products from Swiss Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

2. We changed some out of stock products in your order to the same quality or better (Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals or new brand Arenis Medico). Peptides are changed to Canada Peptides. 

We never send fakes !!! Our products are coming from trusted suppliers, directly from manufacturers or from original licensed Pharmacy.

We apologize for changes in your orders but situation is sometimes very hard and we try to do everything best for you.

These new brands are available on e-shop now!

Welcome to | We build your body | Best Europe Online Steroid Shop - Steroids for sale - Buy Steroids online

European Union based Company est. in 2006. 15 years on the market. These are our real results for you and your satisfaction!

Many thanks to our friends and customers for your trust and support. It would not be possible without you.

Help us with your experience.

We are on now !!!

(Be careful with fake reviews. Some sites protect fake users and profiles which write bad reviews and we cant fight with them! And for all haters and business competitors We were here in past, we are here today and we will be here in the future for our best customers and friends).

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We are so proud to our sponsored athletes. We care only the best of the best competitors in bodybuilding and fitness associations in the world. Our friends, customers and team are holders of Pro cards and compete on biggest stage on Mr. Olympia and Arnold Sports Festival.

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